Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Gifts...

"The best gifts are not the ones you can see or touch, but those that you can feel with the heart..."

In the insanity of our bathroom remodel and trying to buy a new house and sell an old one, Christmas crept up on us this year for a surprise attack. Mind you, Riff and I had not been walking around all green and grinchy, we were just in our own little world and almost oblivious to the holiday cheer being spread around. Actually, I had been sewing alot and our out of town boxes for the most part, got out on time. It was the kids who live at our very own house whom we had neglected to invision gift under the tree for. Dustin actually said to us, "Where do you have the presents hid? Shilo and I have looked all over the house and we haven't found ANYTHING?" (the little snoops!) In a moment of clarity, we realized that we only had a couple of shopping days left, so off to the stores we ran the Friday before Christmas. Oh the madness, oh the hoardes of PEOPLE! We actually had pretty good luck, gathered up our loot and went home. We dashed to the bedroom, arms full of wrapping paper, tags and scissors. "Where's the tape?" "I dunno. Didn't you buy any?" "No!" "Hmm, here's some packing tape. It'll have to work." Well, the little buggers had presents under the tree and we once again pulled it off.

Christmas would not feel like Christmas without family. We were blessed this year (our "gift of the heart") by the presence of Sam and Jessica. Sam just returned from Iraq, is on a 30 day leave, so they drove up from Fort Hood, Texas. We had not seen our oldest son for almost 2 years. It was wonderful to have them home and to get to know Jes a little bit better. She is a very sweet and nice young lady. So glad to have her as part of this crazy family. It was very hard to watch them go the morning that they left. A pull on the heartstrings for sure.

Ryan and Natascha celebrated Christmas in Germany, but we did get to vistit with them. Brittany and her boyfriend, Chris, are still in Wyoming, but we did talk to them on the phone also. Merry Merry Christmas! We missed you guys...

Below are pictures of the madness of 7 people opening gifts in one small living room. What fun we had!

Here we have Sam and Jess on the beach. Chilly and cold, but it's still the beach!

The kids really enjoyed the hot tub. Probably the most used item at our house this past week.


Barb said...

Well that hot tub DOES look mighty inviting. Can't blame them for staying in it so much.

I hope the new year is a wonderful one for you, Paula. I've really enjoyed meeting you and look forward to the new year with you in it.

wende said...

Wow... you have a hot tub? Cool. :D

I'm so glad you got a chance to touch bases with all your loved ones this holiday.

Your blog has been a real gift this past few weeks and I'm looking forward to getting to know you in person!

Blessings on your New Year!

Happy Zombie said...

The best gifts truly are not under the tree, but gathered around it! What a wonderful Christmas you had!

One question.... why are we having lunch at my house when we could be hot tubbin' it at yours? J/K! See you and Wende on Thursday!

Anonymous said...

umm i didnt use the hot tub and no wonder we couldnt find those darned presents.haha.silly people and there bathroom.well i have to go shower for my placement test today.good luck me.bye mommy.