Tuesday, March 27, 2007


There's been a whole lot of barking going on at our house lately. Just one of the many examples goes something like this:

Our girl child who thinks she's no longer a child came home 15 minutes late the other evening. The following "barking" is what took place ~

The front door squeaks open.
A parent barks: "Shoes off!"
Another parent growls: "You're late! Where've ya been?!"
Girl-child: "Stuck behind a slow driver"
Parent: "Leave earlier!"
Girl-child: "I'm going to bed."
Parent: "Brush your teeth!!"
Girl-child exits stage left.
Door slams.

Tonight, as I sat quietly (yeah right!) in the living room with our youngest boy-child, I glanced over at him and said, "Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-RUFF!" With a puzzled look he asked, "What was that about?". "Oh nothin'", was my reply. "Just thought I'd bark at you for a minute." He, of course, didn't get it, but the father in this household thought it was hysterical. I'm going to try to keep my barking to a minimum this week. Good luck to me...

"Who let the dogs out? who? who?"


Wende said...

Oh Paula, I can totally hear you in this post. We call IZ and BW: Dog with a bone and puppy with a bone. So, we know of which you bark! :D

Jeni said...

When you have a near-teen or heaven forbid, one in the full throes of those teen years, there seems to be nothing but barking and growling going on with each adult taking turns at being the top dog! And when you have a wee one - less than a year old, sometimes they like to start yelping and the top dogs have no clue what the problem is there either much of the time. When the littlest dog start to yelp late at night or in the middle of the night, usually it is the oldest of the "top dogs" who gets stuck trying to quiet the pup down then. Just another day in the zoo!

Stacey said...

That dog looks very familiar!
I will have to send you a picture of Fluufy. She got a hair cut & it's been snowing ever since. Poor dog is spending allot of time in the garage.

Anonymous said...

your a loser mom.haha.