Monday, March 05, 2007

Sunset Beach Shawl...

I just added this shawl and matching clutch to my etsy shop . We had a spectacularly beautiful day for my model today!


Britt-Arnhild said...

So you are a knitter?
I love knitting, used to knit always, now I make sure to make at least a few stiches every day :-)

Lucy said...

Didn't you just learn to knit this year?? What are you doing showing us beginner's up??? LOL Super nice job, love the shawl and how you have it featured.

Hey...did you save a piece of that pie you mentioned yesterday?? I could use a piece last day to splurge! Dr. says I need to be on a strict diet and get on a exercise regimen NOW. LOL. Phoeey. They take away all our fun!


Stacey said...

Your shawl & clutch are realy pretty! & so is the model!
Did you sell your apron. Lots of people have looked at it.
I put some handbags & a belt on ebay Monday.
My doll didn't sell, so I'm going to take her to an antique store.

Paula said...

I just love knitting. It is so relaxing. I try to knit a little bit every evening, also.
I started last fall, ended up making 11 hats and a couple of scarves for Christmas. Now I've started on felt purses. I think I've gotten a little carried away, but it's fun!! Got your pie in the fridge. Get over here!
Thanks! Nope, I didn't sell my apron yet, but hopefully it will soon. I looked at your purses and belt on ebay. Good luck!

wende said...

Look, Blogger loves me tonight! Your shawl and bag are amazing. Go you!!

And, I'm totally loving those sailors in the post below. You're right, we did marry good ones! :D

I'm not sure after tonight's wine that I can make out the code down below to post this. Hee.

Happy Zombie said...

HA! I waited for the wine effects to wear off before I posted. Though I'm still on a high from the fun we had last night!

You're shawl is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!