Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday Wanderings...

Nothing says spring like the daffodils. They're starting to bloom everywhere (except the silly little guys in my own yard!) and shine through the gray and gloom of a rainy day. We took Blackie for a walk last night and the spring peepers were croaking. I can smell it in the air. Spring is coming. I want to dance in the wind...

I've been fighting the stomach flu for almost two weeks now. Once I think it's gone and I'm feeling good, it rears its ugly head again. I missed my friend Melissa's 40th birthday party this weekend because of this nasty little bug. (I'm so sorry, Melissa. I so wanted to be there!) I decided that I needed a jaunt out of the house on Saturday afternoon, so we decided to drive down to Cannon Beach just for the heck of it. We discovered this new little path that we had never seen. What do you imagine is at the end of it? I think I might possibly come out into a secret cove with an ancient pirate ship standing gaurd.

My camera has a mind of its own. I can never keep it from snapping a shot of Haystack rock through the mist. I must have a dozen or so of these. It's all good.
Nothing like a foggy breezy day on the beach to blow away a few old cobwebs.

This final Saturday meanderings picture is a shout out to my sister, Susan .
"Lazy Susan,
Won't you get up?
Won't you get up today..."


East of Oregon said...

thanks for visiting my blog today - I really enjoyed reading yours - your photos are just gorgeous - and you're in OREGON. Love that place.

Jeni said...

East of Oregon pointed me in your direction and I really enjoyed reading your blog. Loved the shawl too! How difficult was it to make? I enjoy knitting, crochet and stamped cross stitch - can't get the counted stuff to come out right no how! I'm back on a fun fur yarn scarf kick at the moment - love to make those things! Keep up the great blog and keep the yarn shops in business!

Kathleen said...

Mmm... last time we visited Cannon beach, we ate at the lazy susan. It was the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter afternoon.

Lovely photos!

Yolanda said...

I found you blog thru east of oregon but we have very similar stories. My husband and I moved here last fall from MS by choice. I love it here. We live in McMinnville but I love Astoria also. We share a lot similarites we are close in age and love reading. I am so glad to have found your blog.Email me it is on my blog if you would like. I really enjoyed reading yours

wende said...

I'm sorry about the flu. . . I hope it's finally gone for good.

I spent the weekend on the couch with a hot compress on my eyes. Saturday's visit to the eye doc didn't exactly bring good news. Not that I didn't already know there was an issue. Anyhow... bummer, eh?

Here's to Spring. :D