Monday, March 26, 2007

A Day at the Beach...

"Thar she blows!" My little three year old niece, Shelby, thought maybe we could catch a whale for dinner, but after much time spent with eyes fixed on the crashing waves and little feet dancing away from the surf, no whale graced our dinner plates.
I, for one, am glad. That sounded like entirely too much blubber for me to deal with in one short weekend. How do you catch a whale, you might ask. Our plan was just to whistle him on shore and hope that he wanted to ride home in the back of the suburban. Shelby was hoping that a friendly shark might want to join Moby Dick on our beach, but, once again, thankfully not!

Dustin and Shelby spent a bit of time building the sandcastles of some great sea kings and queens. They were surrounded by sand lobsters and crabs as their guards which, alas, were no protection from the dancing feet of this rambunctious three year old.

The barking of seals and the sound of splashing water drew us into the Seaside Aquarium. Shelby had a delightful time throwing seal food across the fence and watching the little sillies try to be the loudest so that the food would be thrown their way. Inside we met a Giant Pacific Octopus among other creatures of the deep - Flounder, star fish, sea anemones, sting rays, rock fish, and ugly ugly eels to name a few.

Every little kid likes to ride the magic carousel and Shelby is no exception. She talked for hours about her ride on the flying pig.

Nothing like relaxing at the end of a long hard day with your big cousin, Shilo, reading you a nice little story.


Anonymous said...


We must have been having fun "together" on the beach as I went to the beach at Staten Island, New York. We were just on the wrong ocean! It is so weird how people 3,000 miles can be doing the very same thing!

Take care and love ya lots!!!

Wende said...

I'm guessing from the sunlight, that was yesterday. S i g h... now we're back to the gray. It was nice while it lasted!!

And it looks like Shelby had a very nice day. :D

Can't wait to see you Friday night.

Stacey said...

Shelby must have been so tired after that busy day. I can just imagin her fishing pole bent to the ocean with a whale on the line!