Wednesday, May 30, 2007

28 Mile Long Garage Sale

A 28 mile-long garage sale is the Memorial Day Weekend activity on the Longbeach Peninsula every year. Riff and I decided to join the crowds and poke and prod around in other people's discardables this year. Shilo and Dustin were both at work, poor things, with very long and busy days for both of them. The garage sale signs began about Chinook, Washington so we slowly crept our way up to the Peninsula, stopping in Ilwaco for a peek at the pirate ships that were docked there.
Aaargh, Maties!

HOLY BUCKETS! Which way do we go? I said right, Riff turned left, and darned if we shouldn't have gone straight! There were SO many that we barely hit the fringe of all of these sales. I'm sure that we missed out on some perfectly good deals. There came a time when my belly was telling my head that we were done until some food was had. Fish 'n chips were the order of the day and we found the perfect plate full at The Dunes in Ocean City. MMM....and the coleslaw! Stop sometime if you're ever passing through. You won't be disappointed.

I'm always "house dreaming" and this is my pick this weekend.

And - WA-LAA!- My stash of little goodies that I managed to come home with. We didn't come away with anything grand and spectacular this time, just a bunch of little stuff, but what fun!

May you all be blessed with a day of backroad exploring, (oh, and fish 'n chips, of course!)


Wende said...

Heh, we went on Friday--but all the coolio stuff was really picked over. Looks like you scored some fun stuff. (BW did find his typewriter in Chinook)

And, I'm giggling at your photo of that house. I have the SAME photo. Hee. I snapped a photo of it months ago to go into the "paint idea" file. I still think we might end up enclosing our porch like that! :D

Terri said...

Wow! What a weekend. I love yard sales, but they don't seem to know how to do them right around here. Hoping things are better in the new area!
By the way, we got the house! Thanks for your good wishes. How are things going there?
God bless.

Happy Zombie said...

That's some booty! Arrrrrh.

I LOVE the Dunes Fish and Chips! When they set up their "mobile" shop at the Kite Festival or the Clatsup Co. Fair... I go nuts!

Well... not really at Kite Festival because that's dedicated to the Ilwaco Sports Boosters bbq'd tuna fillin' my tummy. I think it's the most fantastic fish on the planet and what they do with it (I'd love to know their secret, and I hear rumors... but all differ so I'll never really know). D won't eat it, 'cause it's The Other Fishermen... and he eats from the Dunes.

Jeni said...

Yard sales constitute the bulk of my daughter's summer activities!They have one near here - well, it starts about 12 miles or so from our house - "The 100-Mile Yard Sale" and my daughter tries to make it to that one every year - says it is just awesome! Definitely is a great way to clothe little kids, for sure!

Lucy said...

That would be confusing, not knowing which way to go with all the temptations teasing you everywhere you look!

Looks like it was a great day with booty hunting and some goodies for the belly as well as some good old fashioned sight seeing. Who could as for more!