Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Drive...

It's Sunday and nobody has to tell us to slow down. Lazy mornings on the sunporch with coffee and the newspaper has become our Sunday norm. We discuss what we want to do for the day ~ nothing to intense now. Dustin has his first real job and seems to be working each Sunday, and Shilo is 17 and can't be seen in public with us to often, plus she usually has to work also, so we find ourselves left to our own devices. We generally decide on a drive and a small hike. Today it was Cannon Beach to play in the tidal pools then on to Oswald State Park for our hike. I have decided to grace you with some beach house pictures that I have taken today. Which one do you want?

Whenever we are in Cannon Beach, we stand down on the beach and choose which house we plan to buy once we win the lottery.

This house is cute and cottage-y but it's really the blooming rhodies that make this one pop for me.

Whoops! We don't want this one. Wind and water erosion from the ocean storms have eaten away at the front yard until it is completely gone. See those steel posts. Yep, they are holding the house up now. YIKES!!

I found it! This one is my absolute favorite beach house of the day. I'm sure that I'll change my mind on our next outing and find something else, but this is the one I will be living in in my mind this week. Look at the color of the trim. Too die for. And to make it better this little cottage sits snuggled into the woods with the pacific ocean out its front door. ah, how does the other half live?


Stacey said...

I found your ebay store & saved it in my favorites! Cool stuff!!
I want the house with the Rododendrums.
I whent for a walk in the woods with you. What a cool picture of a slimmy slug!

kimberly sherrod said...

I like that house too!
I came to tell you I am listing those Barbir=e Books on ebay once I do some investigation about them. they have fun stories and great covers. Not a whole lot of illustrations but I will blog more about them soon. Thanks for visiting me and commenting! Calamity K

Liquid Sky Arts said...

Those shingled houses with the colored trims look so pretty, especially when it's turquoise! :)

What a nice way to spend a Sunday.

p.s. I'll be emailing you those pics later today! :)

Jeni said...

I love the cottage with the rhodadndrums too - can't spell that worth two you know whats in a bucket though! Still such a pretty flowering bush isn't it?