Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Birthday, Stacey!

Happy Birthday to my sister, Stacey! Please pop over to her sight and join me in wishing her a wonderful day. I forgot to take a picture of the beach sign that I painted her for her birthday present, but it is very similar to the one in the picture above. Her boat is red and her sails are straighter. Less wind in her ocean I guess. Have a great day, my sister!

Happy late 4th of July from me and Noah!

Coming soon, the second installment of my Small Town American Series ~ Small Town 4th of July; Clatskanie, Oregon.


Adrienne said...

Happy birthday to Stacey. I'll pop over to her site and deliver my wishes.

You must have gone to Clatskanie yesterday. I wondered where you were. I didn't go to the parade or the park or the fireworks. I stayed home with my dear little mother and my daughter's friend's 3-week-old baby boy so she could take her other children to the parade and park! I had a bunch of fun doing grandma things. My kids said the parade was much smaller this year and they thought the park festivities weren't too much fun. But my grandkids loved it. Will look forward to your post about your celebration.

Tipper said...

Happy Late Fourth to you too-and what a cutie pie you have!!

Stacey's Treasures said...

Thank you Paula! I love my sign & the other goodies you sent me to. The candies are yummy & the Quilting book is so neat, I'm looking at it while my computer goes to other web sights.
Dawn & I had a great time in Red Lodge today. We whent in some cool shops that we hadn't been in befor & ate Chicken Nachoes at the Pub.

mo said...

That sign is adorable!