Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Magazine Cover!

My allergies have attacked and I've just been hanging around today with a bad headache, itchy eyes and a swollen nose accomplishing next to nothing. I decided to play on the computer a little bit ` JUST AS I TYPED THAT, MY MONITOR DIED ~ YIKES, I'M ON MY DAUGHTERS COMPUTER NOW BUT REALLY WORRIED THAT I MAY HAVE LOST ALL MY PICTURES THAT AREN'T COPIED TO DISK. ~ Anyway, I was blog-hopping, which I haven't done in eons, and came across Mary's Little Red House. Very fun blog! She had her magazine cover posted, so I popped over to flicr toys and made my own. Try it, it sure is fun!


CalicoDaisy said...

That's cute. However, I am still relishing figuring out making the mosaic from the meme last month. I love using that tool! So, nothing new for distraction right now. Hope the allergies dry up quick for you.

Mary said...

Hi Paula,
It's Mary, from Little Red House. I just dropped by to see your magazine cover. I love it! Isn't that a fun tool to play with? Hope your allergies clear up soon, and the computer problems aren't too serious. When my old laptop died (the power cable would not connect properly) I brought it to the Geek Squad. They were able to download all my files to an external hard drive.

Good luck with it!

Sweet P said...

What a cute cover! I'm off to give it a try.

Happy Zombie said...

Allergies on this side of bay too. What is up with that! I've been waking up with poofy eyes, blahblahblah. Misery loves company... lets to breakfast soon!

Sorry to hear about your monitor (computer?). Maybe a good opportunity to switch to Apple??? Come Paula, come. Come to the bright side. ;-)

Oh those flickr toys... too, too much fun and I love your cover!

Stacey's Treasures said...

Wow, that is way cool!
Did you get a new chair?
I just got my new computer & it is realy neat. I think I might have lost pictures to. I do have some on the Kodak web sight tho. I will just have to take more!

Terri said...

If it's just the moniter, your pics should be o.k. Right?

Thanks for the cover link. I will try that later!

Hope your allergies are better today!

Tipper said...

Looks like fun-thanks for telling us about it!

Mary said...


Enjoyed seeing your magazine cover. I think I will check out that site. It looks like it could be a lot of fun.

I enjoyed your previous post of the deer. They are such beautiful creatures. Thanks for sharing.

I'm wondering if the book has arrived yet and if you've started reading it.

Hope your computer is up and running soon. If it was only your monitor that died, the photos should all be there.