Monday, April 03, 2006

Farmer's Market

We spent Saturday in Portland at Kevin's Orientation. Western Culinary Institute is a very nice school and I became quite jealous of some of the classes that he will be taking. I wonder if he would mind if old stepmom takes the classes right beside him....?
Portland's Farmers Market started this Saturday. You can imagine my excitement! I didn't purchase alot, but did come away with a bag of Nettles, which I haven't cooked since I was a kid, some fiddleheads, which I have never cooked and will be looking for a good recipe, and a WONDERFUL loaf of marbled rye bread. MMMMM.....
More later, have a great day.


riff said...

Hi puddin! I really like your blog and think you are a good writer.

Paula said...

Thank you(: You are a little crazy, though!

clodhopper said...

what are fiddleheads?

Paula said...

Fiddleheads are the new growth on the Ostrich fern in the spring. There is only a short season for them, because once they get past a certain size they are no longer edible. This was my first experience cooking with them. Steamed them and dipped them in a garlic butter concotion I came up with. Very good!!