Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Take thy plastic spade,
It is thy pencil;
take thy seeds, thy plants,
They are thy colours.
-William Mason, The English Garden, 1782

What a beautiful weekend has just passed! We were blessed with clear blue skies and warm days. The first really nice weekend of the year. Such a pleasure...
Riff was in Eugene on Saturday taking the test for his LSI-IT liscence. He won't know how he did for almost 2 months. They sure make them wait along time.
Dustin and I took Boots to the vet Saturday morning to be neutered. He came home purring and happy as a clam, silly cat! We then decided to check out some yard sales since they were really the first of the season. I found a wooden planter for $2.00, just the right size for my new Dwarf Alberta Spruce tree. Yeah! I had planned on buying one over the weekend, so that saved me alot of dough. I also found a black iron dragonfly trellis for my climbing rose. She is very excited to climb right up the trellis, and I'm encouraging her to do it quickly and not wait until next year.
I spent the money I saved at the nursery, of course, coming home with snapdragons, dahlia's, shasta daisy, stock, tickweed, petunia's, thyme, oregano, and numerous others all to fill in my two window boxes. I am already picturing how they will fill in and attract beautiful butterflies in a few months. Exciting stuff...
Sunday we mowed and raked the back lawn, cleaned the garage and decided that was more than enough work for the day. By noon we had the dogs, a bucket of fried chicken, beach chairs and our books loaded and ready to go. Nothing beats an afternoon at the beach. Dustins "girlfriend", Miranda, came with us to enjoy the day. Someones leftover, smoldering campfire was too much temptation for them and soon they had a blazing fire going. Miranda stepped, barefoot, to close to the fire and burnt her foot on the molten sand. Poor girl, nothing hurts like a burn. I felt terrible for her. She is doing better today and is back in school, though a limp will be her nemisis for awhile.
It's beautiful again today, which means that all my little plants and seeds should be growing away.

May you be blessed with flowers and sand....


Stacey said...

Hi Paula,
I love to read your blog! Dawn & I had a few laughs over messing up your children's house's & Shilo's rat!
Last night we took our bikes up to Heart Mnt. Dawn & I whent on a bike ride. I do good at going down hill, but had to walk going up.
Have a great day!

Paula said...

Stacey & Dawn,
Glad you are enjoying it! It has been fun to write, too. Dawnald, I'm glad you could get a few laugh's at your cousin's expense!!!
Love, your Auntie