Friday, April 28, 2006

Shilo Goofball-Head

Just a quick post to make fun of my daughter. She was out with friends the other evening, fishing. It was a beautiful day and they had gone to Cullaby Lake to try their 16 year old hands at catching dinner. As they were loading up and getting ready to go home with 2 fish in the cooler caught by the boys, Shilo bent over her pole went her brand new, long begged for, cell phone. In her 16 year old mind this could have been a rather big catastrophe, but Shilo was quick to realize that she had just saved the day. Standing over them was a "fish police", who failed to notice the fish because of all of the commotion over the quickly sinking cell phone. Of course, not a one of those kids had a fishing liscence. Bunch of verrrry lucky goofballs!!


Stacey said...

Did I tell you I got a speeding ticket? I didn't have a cell phone to save the day.
I was driving thru Byron, where the speed goes from 65 to 30.
It's hard to slow down that much at once & the policeman is always sitting there, in his big blue truck.
I have to deliver Avon over there next week, so I have to be careful!

Paula said...

Should have had Shilo with you!!

Anonymous said...

hey....not cool!