Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, DAD!

Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo! This is a picture of one of my Dad and Sharon's MANY birds. They started with a couple a few years ago, have hatched quite a few babies and have, I believe at last count, 11 birds. They really enjoy them alot.

My Dad's birthday was yesterday. My mind wanders back to one of my earliest memories. I was 3, I think, looking out of the living room window of our uppper floor apartment in Ketchikan, Alaska. My two older sisters were off to school and I was very upset and crying because I wanted to go with them. My Dad was also leaving for work. He worked for Alaska Airlines as a radio technician. He picked me up, asked if I wanted to go with him for a little while. I nodded yes, wiped my tears with my chubby little hand and we were off. I don't remember all the details of the day, but do remember a pilot named Chuckie who took me for a short ride in one of the "Grumman Goose" airplanes. These are the planes with the pontoons to land on the water. I also came home that day with a little gold pin shaped like wings and an airline coloring book and crayons. Thank you, Daddy, 35 years later, for making your sad little girl very happy that day.

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kansasrose said...

My Daddy's birthday was yesterday too! He turned 82 and is still in excellent health...aren't Dad's the best? Sweet picture of him and your son and the birds. We are blessed.