Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dustin....

My baby turned 14 today. I think that makes me - drumroll, please - OLD!!!

'Twas the night of his birthday
And all through the house,
Dustin was in a frenzy,
He even annoyed the mouse.
His skateboard was dropped by the front door without a care
In hope's that the mailman had left packages there.

Momma was in the kitchen,
stirring up a birthday cake.
Daddy was in the back yard,
Picking up dog poop with a rake.

When out in the living room,
There began such a chatter,
They ran to the door
To see what was the matter.

Dustin was spinning in circles,
A party hat on his head,
Was all that he said.
He spun faster and faster,
What an irritating lad.

Dad looked at Mom,
Mom looked at Dad,
Something had to be done.
The kid had been overloaded
With too much fun.

A bucket of water soon doused his head,
He was stuffed into his jammies
And put right to bed.

And they heard him exclaim
As they shut out the light,
"Happy Birthday to me
And don't eat all my cake!"


Anonymous said...

mommy u are a silly goose...good poem tho.... :)
love shilo

Dawn said...

Come on What did you get him, tell him, tell him, tell him!!!
from your loving neice, dawn
P.S. tell him what you got him!

Paula said...

Shilo and Dawn,
You guys are both crazy!
P.S. He got a PSP...