Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rainy Days

"Hanging around,
Nothing to do but frown,
Rainy Days and Mondaays always get me down..."
-The Carpenters

I love this song but it is so not true. I really like rainy days, gives me an excuse to get in the kitchen and cook something yummy, curl up in my favorite chair with a good book and a cup of tea, and then, when I'm feeling ambitious, to move on to my latest crafting project. I'm a very good Pacific Northwester, I love these days.

Riff and I went downtown this morning to check out the newest coffee shop. We saw that it was full so, without alot of hesitation, headed over to the Columia Cafe' for a delightful breakfast prepared by Chef Uriah. MMMM....Go there! Buy a jar of his garlic jelly. I'm hooked on the stuff!

After breakfast, we took a drive around a couple of neighborhoods looking at for sale signs. We are trying to decide if we want to sell our tiny cozy cottage for something bigger of if we want to hang onto it for a couple more years. We found a few homes of interest, so called an agent when we got home who agreed to show us two that are empty and didn't need scheduled appointments. The first one was incredible! I could definately see us living there, unfortunately our bank accounts CANNOT see us living there. (sad face). The second one was one that we had looked at on the internet, the pictures looked great so we were really excited to see the inside. (sad face again) I was very disappointed in the condition of the house. It needed alot of work, which we are not opposed to doing, but not for that price. You pay that much money for a house, you should be able to bring your furniture through the door and sit down for a nap - NOT strip and sand floors, remodel bathrooms, etc.... Oh well, we'll keep looking.

I asked Dustin if he wanted to help me make cookies today. He really likes to cook but at 14 thinks that he has nothing left to learn so I just stood back, supervising, and let him go after it. Good thing I was paying attention, as he stated "Wow, thats alot of vanilla!" He thought it said 1 cup instead of 1 teaspoon. Crazy kid.

Cutting out the cookies
The final product

May you all be blessed with a rainy day now and again...

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