Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Walk On The Beach...

A walk on the beach is a perfect way to start a Sunday morning. The kids were still sleeping, so we loaded up the dog and headed out to Sunset Beach. The tide was out, the wind was not howling, the rain not soaking us to the skin and not many people were around. We enjoyed a nice leisurly stroll on the sand, enjoying the sound of the surf. Blackie ran and ran, though still seems to be a little lost with out Hannah romping beside him.

Wow! Can you believe the incredible size of this root? To think of the power of the waves to bring this thing up on shore... We thought that it sure would make a nice picnic table, but you'd need a crane to get the darn thing home!

Lots of big piles of seaweed today. It was a very relaxing walk. Wish you could have joined us.


Barb said...

You're killing me, Paula! Look at that beautiful ocean. You have no idea how jealous I am. :-)

Happy Zombie said...

Your photos are so beautiful Paula!!!