Sunday, January 07, 2007

Winter Classics Challenge...

The next reading challenge is to read 5 classics in January and February. This may be a little much for me, but I'm going to give it a shot! This challenge comes from
A Reader's Journal and has the cutest little snowman button that I can't figure out how to get onto my site. One of these days I WILL figure out that button thing. I swear!!
Here is my list:
1) Persuasion ~ Jane Austin
2) Wuthering Heights ~ Emily Bronte
3) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer ~ Mark Twain
4) Anne's House of Dream's ~ L.M. Montgomery
5) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

May you all be blessed with good reads....


Jackie said...

Those books sound good! I love that you're reading an Anne of Green Gables book - I read the whole series when I was young - love them!! I think 5 might be too much for me too, but I'll give it a shot...we'll see!

booklogged said...

Welcome, Paula to the classics challenge. I'm glad you are joining us and I hope you do finish all five. It does seem like a lot, but I was hoping people would choose a couple YA or slim ones to make it achievable.

booklogged said...

Oh, I forgot to mention how happy I am for you that you live in that beautiful state. If I could move, Oregon is were I'd want to live.

Laurie said...

Great books!! I've been in the mood to read. I will have to take a trip to the library and read some of these.