Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wild Thing

Meet Toby, wild thing extraordinaire. I apologize for not introducing the newest member of our family sooner. Shilo and Darin brought Tobias, (Toby for short), home several months ago now. He's the sweetest little Boston Terrier pup ever. And wild. To have Toby around is just like having a little one in the house. He cries for his mommy when she leaves, he scatters his toys over the entire house, he demands almost full-time attention and wants to eat every 15 minutes. But cute. Boy is he ever cute.

He was just a tiny thing when they brought him home, so I got to babysit my Granddog quiet often when Shilo had long days at work at Darin, who is a commercial fisherman, was out on a trip. Toby was much to little to be left at home alone, so he'd pack his little suitcase and to Grandma's house he'd go.

Here's a tiny crocheted Toby replica that I made for Shilo. This version is a little quieter and not as rambunctious as the original.

Where'd that cat go?

I didn't get a non-blurry pic, but Toby loves to play with Thomas. He'll bounce and jump at him, chase him around the room. Thomas enjoys it as well, and swats at Toby with his claws in, runs, then comes back for more. It's extremely funny to watch.

He's grown so much in the last couple of months, but he's still a silly little thing. Much fun to have around.


mtnchild said...

He is about as cute as can be! You must have had to lie on your stomach on the floor to take that second picture ... LOL. I love to see animals play together, especially when they are different species.


Brittany said...

Awwww...Toby. I love that little Toby you made! That's cute :)

Twisted Fencepost said...

Toby is adorable! I just love puppies.
Who says dogs and cats can't be friends? I love to watch them play.

Stacey's Treasures said...

Toby is sure cute! You can tell by the picture how much his Mom & Dad love him. He deserves to be spoiled.

Adrienne said...

If I didn't know better I would think you were describing my little Joey! So much in common with Toby. I had to smile when I saw the photo of him with the cat - that happens several times a day around here. Thanks for sharing The Adventures of Life With Toby with us. ~Adrienne~

Jeni said...

Puppies (and kittens) are so darned much fun to have around, aren't they -especially when they are really cute puppies like Toby is!
My son's current girlfriend took one of the kittens we had here although she was worried how the kitten and her dog would get along. My son reports that they are hysterical to watch them in action. The dog runs in circle around -and under -her dining room table while the kitten runs in circles -around the top of said table, stopping occasionally to bat at the dog, running underneath there! And as soon as the dog is let out of the house to do her business, the kitten sits by the door and meows and cries until the dog comes back inside!

Tipper said...

Oh Toby is so cute!! I'm partial to black and white-thats what our little Ruby Sue is.

happy zombie said...

I'm having trouble... I keep crashing / getting the beachball of doom (Mac's version of a PC's big blue screen) while I'm on your blog - so I'm leaving all my comments on this post.

OMG... I love the Mini-Toby! CUTEST little crochet ever! You're going to teach me how to make one on Tuesday night, right?

Twilight... LOVE IT! I had never even heard of it until the movie came out and there was all the hype. I started the movie thinking I was not going to like it, that I hate that kind of stuff. And within minutes I was sucked in. I had Twilight hangover for WEEKS! I started to read the book a few months ago, and have not progressed far (even though I LOVE IT), and am collecting the series as I go.

Of course I love too, because so much was filmed in St. Helen's and Kalama (and Canon Beach too!).

Your Astoria shots... Sunset Magazine photog should be scared. Very, very scared! As always, BEAUTIFUL shots, Paula!!